HELCO - Ladders

HELCO manufactures a variety of portable insulating ladders, suitable
for :
  • Electrical
  • Building
  • Agricultural
  • Industrial and
  • Domestic
use. HELCO ladders are produced in three different types :
  • Single (/)
  • Extension (//)
  • Combination (// + Ë)

in many standard heights as well as in custom ones, according to customer’s needs and specifications.

Manufactured according to European Standards EN 131-1 and 2.


1. Safety

Trustworthy and problemless operation, stableness and good holding on every type of ground.

2. Exeptional mechanical strength

The mechanical properties of Pultrusion profile (rails of the ladder) are comparable to these of steel. Compact design ensures total stiffness of HELCO ladders.

3. Electrical insulation

The only suitable material, approved for use by the electricity and telecommunication companies, as well as by private electricians.

4. Ergonomic design and comfort

Special-shape rugs that allow long-drawn-out use.

5. Light weight

Easy to carry.

6. Maintenance free - long living

7. UV and Hydrolysis resistance

8. Smooth surface – Distinct colours

Easy to clean, beautiful and dinstinct (to avoid accidents).

9. Chemical resistance

Against corrosive chemicals, solvents and cleansers.

10. Spare parts – Service – Guaranty

Prompt availlability of spare parts, good service and 3-years guaranty.